Cool, Calm, Fearless

Gold Coast Waveriders

From Loganholme to Tweed and out through the hinterland, a brand created to encapsulate everything the region has to offer. The franchise’s motto is cool, calm, and fearless. Three words that describe the Gold Coast Waveriders and three words that seem to blend the lifestyle and beauty of the region, with a brand of cricket many of its famous cricketers of the Gold Coast have produced over their time. A region full of talent and growth with an ownership group matching in ambition. The Waveriders will bring fresh new ideas mixed with aspects and connections that contribute to growing and supporting its current cricket community.


“Many cricketers of all ages want to play more each season! The Australian Premier League has created just that.”

– Ian Healy AO.
It’s your exclusive opportunity.

Get selected by the Gold Coast Waveriders in the inaugural Century Cricket Competitions.


April 29th

Senior Auction Night


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